Evidence Based Information Systems Journal

An open-access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the evidence base for the design, development, adoption, implementation and use of information systems.

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The purpose of this journal is to help a community of evidence based practice to grow in the information systems field.

This is a community of professionals, researchers and students with a common aim to provide and use evidence so that we can understand what works in the IS context: for whom, in what circumstances and in what respects.

Since evidence is needed to build this community we invite practitioners, researchers and students to contribute their experiences, data and findings for publication: contributors retain their copyright.

Since evidence is needed to inform decision-making and understanding we provide the accepted contributions freely to all (under a creative commons license).

Since a community cannot exist without communication and discussion we offer the opportunity to discuss articles in situ within the journal.

Since we understand that people do not always have time to read the detail of specific articles we have established an associated blog to publish highlights from the articles in the journal, to link to other resources, and to hold discussions.

So, why not join our community: as a reader and/or as a contributor.