Transforming Knowledge Using Augmented Reality in Engineering and Manufacturing Firms: An Exploration using Secondary Sources

Karam Haddad



Purpose of Article: The Institute of Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) called for an investigation into the feasibility of using Augmented Reality (AR) as a solution to share manufacturing and maintenance practices and expertise.

Design/ Methodology/ Approach of Article: The role of AR in knowledge transfer was investigated through a detailed review of knowledge transfer models, in which, knowledge transformation was found as the most critical process. Characteristics that represent knowledge transformation modes were identified and Augmented Reality applications were tested against these. The investigation was conducted by analysing the contents of an AR conference.

Findings/ Results: It was found that AR can play a significance role in several knowledge transformation modes. AR can facilitate the four different types of knowledge transformation: Socialisation (tacit-tacit); Externalisation (tacit-explicit); Combination (explicit-explicit); Internalisation (explicit-tacit). However applications that could facilitate tacit-tacit knowledge conversion were underdeveloped.

Conclusion: AR can facilitate knowledge transfer generally and sharing best practices in engineering and manufacturing firms in a way that can support increasing efficiency, quality and minimising waste.

Research Limitations: This paper has investigated AR influence on Knowledge Transformation process only. Investigating AR role on other processes could have presented a clearer vision of AR possible influence on the whole knowledge transfer process.

Originality/ Value: This paper reviewed many papers addressing different ICTs role in knowledge transfer. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, no one has investigated Augmented Reality role in transferring knowledge yet.


Augmented Reality; Knowledge Transfer; Knowledge Transformation; Information Communications Technologies; Manufacturing Practices

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